December 2020

Upcoming CNCC Events


Next Meeting – November 19th 2020

The November CNCC meeting will be a Zoom meeting on November 19th, 2020 at 7 PM with a presentation by Connie Redak, Autumn Magic in Denali National Park.

Competition will resume; Special Topic is Boulder County or City Open Space. Jesse Kadel and Charles Hadley, both CNCC members for many years, will be our November judges.

Images for competition are due Monday, November 16th to

Please include the file names of your photos in the text of your submission email.

Please see the November 2020 CNCC Newsletter.pdf for details including Zoom meeting link, October photo competition winners and photo announcements from other photography groups. Email Peter Bandurian for newsletter subscriptions.

November Program: Connie Redak

Autumn Magic in Denali National Park

In the north country, late summer is all about change. Birds are starting to migrate, bears fatten up, the caribou and moose are sporting stately racks and early snow dusts the higher peaks. But what really grabs your attention is the plant life! So inconspicuous the rest of the year, once there has been a frost, it bursts into chromatic splendor and leaves you breathless. In any given place you might see the gold of birches and aspens, the mauves and magentas of currents, dogwoods, and wild roses, the russet of grasses and almost everywhere on the tundra, the grand sweep of crimson berry bushes in every direction. “Autumn Magic in Denali National Park” is full of color. It consists of images that I took there several years ago towards the end of August and early September. It has grand scenery, wildlife and some little things, too…a kind of a mini trip in 50 slides or less. Enjoy!

CNCC Vice-President, Connie Redak has always had a camera. When I was a kid, it was a little Brownie that went everywhere I did. Early on, I made a tent with a blanket, spread bird seed in front of it and took photos of all the fortunate sparrows getting a free meal. Though I was born in Illinois, we moved to Long Island, New York when I was about 6. In 1968, when I finished Hunter College, I headed straight west, in my trusty VW bug. I stopped at every national park I encountered on the way to San Francisco … and never looked back. Having grown up in a mostly urban environment, it was a truly eye-opening experience. I fell in love with the West and the natural world. I have come to especially enjoy seeing nature through the lens of a camera. It makes me a better observer and opens the door to endless adventures. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have “landed” in Colorado where there is such an abundance of friendly people, nature and endless opportunities to photograph.

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