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September 2013 – Member Show

On September 19th will be the Annual Member Show.

Please note that there will be no guest speaker and no formal judging. This month will be presentations by the members.

The September special topic is Rain. You do not need to have a show under that topic. Every month you can use the special topic as a way to challenge yourself and broaden your portfolio. Or, you can completely ignore it. The monthly special topics are meant to creatively expand your portfolio by taking photographs of new subjects, or old subjects in a new way. (This is not the topic of the member show, only the monthly topic.)

Each member may submit up to 10 images for the show, and there will be a 10 minute time limit. There will be no formal judging. This is your show.

You may want to focus on a theme such as your summer in nature, or your favorite species, etc. If you are a member, this is a great chance to present your artwork in a fun and relaxed environment.

Be prepared to speak briefly about your images. For example, you may want to share an interesting morsel of information about the subjects, or about where the photographs were taken. Or, you could ask for help identifying your subject. Do you want to ask for suggestions to improve your work? If so, you could ask for feedback on your photographs. (There will be no guest photographer for judging, but there are many talented photographers in the club.)

Will you be showing your work? If so, please submit up to 10 images due by Monday, September 16th to CNCCEntries@yahoo.com

The member show images should follow the regular image guidelines, including sizing, detailed at www.coloradonaturecameraclub.org/monthly-competitions/monthly-photo-competitions/


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