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Upcoming CNCC Events


Invitation to a Special Event – Reception March 14th, 5–7pm

© by Max Seigal,Max Seigal Photography,

© by Max Seigal,Max Seigal Photography,

Award-Winning Nature and Landscape Photography Exhibit
Presented by Max Seigal
          Max Seigal is a renowned, award-winning photographer. His work has appeared in National Geographic Traveler, Backpacker, Africa Geographic, Natures Best Photography, Outdoor Photographer, and has been selected as one of the Top 40 Wildlife Photos of 2013

Reception Date:
March 14th, 2014  5:00 –  7:00 PM
St. Julien Hotel
900 Walnut Street
Boulder, CO 8002

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February 2014 Guest Speaker

The February 27th program will be an instructional one entitled Intermediate Light and Composition presented by Bob Dean. In this presentation we’ll cover the use of natural light as well as exploring the many facets of composition for nature and wildlife images.

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Published images and articles have appeared in magazines and newsletters including Falcon, Outdoor World, and several photo newsletters. He was an assistant editor and featured writer / photographer for First Light Monthly Newsletter for Nature Photographers for more than three years.
Bob’s non photography career was as an engineering and marketing professional in the high tech world. Check this website for more information

The Views of Nature website is:

© by Bob Dean, Monument Valley,

Special Notice for Members: Image size change

MEMBERS: Please make note maximum submitted image sizes have changed. Now, images must fit inside a 1050×1050 pixel box. If a panorama is submitted, then the submitted image must fit in a 1400×700 pixel box. 
The image guidelines have been updated at

Why has this changed? At the December meeting, it was unanimously voted to replace the existing club projector with a used but improved projector. With this improvement, the images for the competition can now be larger.

January 2014 Guest Speaker

On January 16th, Russ Burden will be the guest presenter.

Russ Burden will present “America’s Natural Wonders.” The show is comprised of slides set to music that show many of the areas Russ has traveled both across the US and locally in the Denver area. An assortment of both wildlife and scenic images are presented. The show will provide a journey into the world of nature where for 21 minutes, all your troubles and worries will be forgotten.

More information about Russ can be found at

December 2013 – Member Year End Show

The Member Year End Show and Competition will be held December 19th

Bring a Treat: You are invited to bring a treat to share. Please do not bring any red (or any brightly colored) liquids because they can spill on our Marble Benchtops in Sydney

Image Categories: There are six special categories for the member images at the Year End Show. The categories and image codes are:

  • A = Fauna,
  • B = Flora,
  • C = Close Up,
  • D = Landscapes,
  • E = Hand of Person, and
  • F = Special Effects

Please note that last year it was decided that judged images must now be in digital format. (No prints will be judged.)

For details on submitting up to six images, please see

There will be 3 judges:
Glenn Randall, with Glenn Randall Photography,
Shawn Heinricks, with Blue Sphere Media,
Bob Dean, with Views of Nature Photography,

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November 2013 – Guest Speaker

On November 21st, Cole Thompson will be the guest presenter.

Cole’s goal is simple, to produce fine art black and white photography.

While living in Rochester, New York, Cole was led to read the biography of George Eastman, the modern father of popular photography.  From there Cole began a lifelong fascination with black and white photography.

As a teenager, Cole would spend hours looking at fine art black and white photographs from the great masters of photography.  They shaped his vision of what fine art black and white photography was. For Cole, color records the image, but black and white captures the feelings that lie beneath the surface.

Cole’s art has appeared in many exhibitions, publications and has received numerous awards.  And yet his resume does not list those accomplishments, why? He believes that the best success is achieved internally, not externally.  Many have asked about his qualifications given his non-traditional resume. Cole answers, “My images are my qualifications, nothing else matters.”

More information on Cole can be found at

Iceland No. 12 - 2013, by Cole Thompson

Iceland No. 12 – 2013, by Cole Thompson

October 2013 – Guest Speaker

On October 17th, Dana Bove will be the guest presenter.

Here is a letter from Dana about his new organization, Photography for a Change, created to help two Boulder non-profits…

Dear Boulder photographers,

Photography for a Change is pleased to announce the launch of our first online photo show at  Our show will be supporting two great Boulder non-profits: Western Resource Advocates and Bridge House, proponents of our environment and its people.

Photography for a Change, which is generously brought to you by 3 local and one guest photographer, will donate ALL profits from prints that are available on our website that we optimize with the services from online to get more audience. Our first show features Dan Baumbach, Bryce Bradford, Lee Sie, and Dana Bove. Our next show is almost filled, but is open for submissions. We are generating a strong following and are putting an enormous effort into marketing, using from online marketing to bulk water bottles with our brand for this.  Please check out our website, I think it is quite nice. All image rights remain with the photographer, and are only available for printing during the 2 month show duration.

We also have a Facebook page ( where new images from each of the photographers are posted nearly every day.  New shows will be appearing every two months on our website, and will feature a new lineup of talented photographers. Our images display our love for the natural world and many showcase Boulder and the surrounding area.

This is a nice opportunity for Boulder photographers to get more exposure, pitch in for two great local non-profits, and join some other very talented folks. I bow out after the first show, but welcome entries from all those that are interested. Check out the other 3 photographers in our first show, I think you will find their talent to be among some of the best around these parts.

Dana Bove

Photography for a Change



September 2013 – Member Show

On September 19th will be the Annual Member Show.

Please note that there will be no guest speaker and no formal judging. This month will be presentations by the members.

The September special topic is Rain. You do not need to have a show under that topic. Every month you can use the special topic as a way to challenge yourself and broaden your portfolio. Or, you can completely ignore it. The monthly special topics are meant to creatively expand your portfolio by taking photographs of new subjects, or old subjects in a new way. (This is not the topic of the member show, only the monthly topic.)

Each member may submit up to 10 images for the show, and there will be a 10 minute time limit. There will be no formal judging. This is your show.

You may want to focus on a theme such as your summer in nature, or your favorite species, etc. If you are a member, this is a great chance to present your artwork in a fun and relaxed environment.

Be prepared to speak briefly about your images. For example, you may want to share an interesting morsel of information about the subjects, or about where the photographs were taken. Or, you could ask for help identifying your subject. Do you want to ask for suggestions to improve your work? If so, you could ask for feedback on your photographs. (There will be no guest photographer for judging, but there are many talented photographers in the club.)

Will you be showing your work? If so, please submit up to 10 images due by Monday, September 16th to

The member show images should follow the regular image guidelines, including sizing, detailed at


Colorado Nature Camera Club – Summer Break

Summer Break:

Colorado Nature Camera Club is now on summer break. The next meeting will be Thursday, September 19th.


Summer Workshops and Exhibits:

If you are looking for things to do this summer, check out the information under Exhibits and Workshops This information is not club sponsored, but may be of interest to you. Summer is a great time to learn, view artwork, and show your artwork. The exhibit and workshop information may be updated periodically.


September Member Show:

The summer is also a great time to check for the newest trail camera

The September special topic is Rain. Please note that there will be no judging. Special topics are meant to help provide ideas to creatively expand your photography portfolio. With Colorado’s usually dry summer months, this may be a special challenge.

The member show images should follow the regular image guidelines, detailed at

Each member may submit up to 10 images, and there will be a 10 minute time limit. There will be no judging. This is your show.

Be prepared to speak briefly about your images. For example, you may want to share an interesting morsel of information about the subjects, or about where the photographs were taken. Or, you could ask for help identifying your subject. You may want to focus on a theme such as your summer in nature, or your favorite species, etc. If you are a member, this is a great chance to present your artwork in a fun and relaxed environment.

If you are not yet a member, and would like to join in the show, more information is available at


Have a happy artful summer!

June 2013 Guest Speaker

On June 20th, Stephen Weaver will be the guest presenter.

Stephen Weaver is an award winning photographer with over 35 years experience making images of the natural world. Formally educated as a geologist, Steve combines his scientific knowledge with his photographic abilities to produce stunning images that illustrate the beauty of the structure and composition of the earth and its natural systems.

Stephen grew up in Pennsylvania and from an early age developed a passion for nature and the outdoors. As an undergraduate geology student he first visited the Rocky Mountains where he fell in love with the mountain environment and the wide-open grand landscapes of the West. Steve currently photographs throughout North America with a major emphasis on mountain and desert environments. He has recently discovered the beauty of the prairie and is currently working on a project photographing the short and tall grass prairie in the western plains states. Stephen uses a large format 4×5 view camera with transparency film as well as Nikon Digital SLRs to capture his images.

Stephen is a charter member of NANPA (The North American Nature Photography Association) and a member of the IEPA (The International Environment Photographers Association

Stephen will be  presenting at the symposium and giving a field workshop at this years Colorado Photography Festival, August 11,12.

More information about Stephen can be found at

Caribou antlers on the tundra, ANWR