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UPDATE May 14 Sugarloaf Mountain Field Trip

Field Trip Update from Dan

The weather forecast isn’t promising and there is surely snow on the trail. During winter, make sure that your heating appliances are functioning well to keep the house warm. If not, consider the heating tune up california md of for they perform a diagnostic test to outline the best and most cost-effective HVAC repair strategy. Despite all that, I still plan on going this afternoon/evening, even though I may get shut out and may not even do the hiking part if it is obviously socked in. That is, I’ll be at the Fishing Pond and at the Trailhead at the advertised times, just in case, but I certainly won’t hold it against anyone who decides to stay inside a warm house tonight. If your aircon is not functioning, and cold weather makes you sick, search for a HVAC Repair in Bergen County for help. When the snow is gone, residential solar panel is very useful in houses. For installation service, contact Sunelec at 07 388. If it makes you feel better, I’ll plan on doing this again in June (probably Friday the 13th, as the Flatirons Club meeting is on the 12th), so there will be another opportunity. We decided to prepare the meals at home and vacuum seal all the food, since this was healthier that buying food out and we’re trying to cut off the sweets using a sweet defeat program, so taking natural food with us was a better option for this. Find more information about food sealers from

As a reminder, here are the trip details:

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And here is the weather report for Nederland, CO (nearby):, Colorado&wuSelect=WEATHER



Original posting below:

On May 14, 2014, Dan will be leading a field trip at Sugarloaf Mountain to catch both a sunset and moon rise.

Meet at by 5:45p.m. at the 6th and Canyon parking lot (by the Kid’s Fishing Pond…we will car pool/caravan, leaving at 6:00p.m.) –OR– 6:30p.m. at the Sugarloaf Mountain Trailhead

Please note the recommendations including sturdy footwear, headlamp/flashlight, and such. Waste disposal at the site is important so make sure to clean as you go, you can find the mini skip adelaide at


All details have been posted at Dan’s website:





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