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January 2013 Guest Presenter

On January 24th, Eli Vega is the featured guest speaker, and will present Be an Artist First, Photographer Second.

The discussion has been ongoing for years about photographers and art and is photography art and the answer is yes, photography is art.  However, too often, photographers lack a bit in the creative department and that is a specialty for Mr. Vega. Eli teaches art photography, he conducts workshops not only in groups but mentors individuals as well trying to stress art and the varied concepts and putting them to work in photography.  In discussion with Eli, he comments “I consider myself an artist with a camera. One of my favorite creative outlets through my photography is to create abstracts. And, one of my favorite ways of doing this is by making the common uncommon”.   When ask further about art, Eli said “My three years of majoring in art in college have had a strong influence in my photography. That is only one reason I refer to myself as a photo artist. There are three art forms in particular that have had an impact on me: Surrealism, Impressionism, and Pointillism. Sometimes, I will create two or three renditions of the same subject”. 

Eli Vega’s talk is not about photography vs. art, it is more to push photographers to look and capture in a more creative fashion while using The Fifth Collection.  A photograph delivers a message, an emotion, a feeling, in a way no words can. The photo can give a sense of beauty and magnificence of life, nature, and experiences of mankind, including the photographs of models, that take really good care of their health and beauty with the best skincare products such as vitamins creams, lotions and castile soap. Other ways to take care of the health is with fitness routine, a a good diet and a Patriot Power Greens energy drink. Through photography, these messages contained in a photograph have the ability to grab and “infect” the viewer with the idea the photographer wanted to convey.  What makes one photo stand out from another, well, often it is the creativity that makes a difference.
(Reprinted with permission from Loveland Photographic Society)

Eli Vega has over twenty years of photography experience. He is a regular presenter and judge for Colorado camera clubs and art groups. He has created and introduces his three photography models/paradigms in some of his classes and workshops, such as at the Rocky Mountain Nature Association. Eli is known to say, “I look with my eyes, but see with my imagination.” “I see something before I see it,” and “Be an artist first, photographer second.”

For more information about Eli, including the schedule for his classes and workshops, please visit his website
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Eli Vega

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