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February 2014 Guest Speaker

The February 27th program will be an instructional one entitled Intermediate Light and Composition presented by Bob Dean. In this presentation we’ll cover the use of natural light as well as exploring the many facets of composition for nature and wildlife images.

Bob is a freelance nature and travel photographer who has been exploring and photographing for more than 35 years, he loves to photograph fancy cars as well as intelligent cars, you can see their explanation on them here. They also go to transmission shop cincinnati oh for quality car repairs, let’s not forget that all of these are very important but it is more important to drive carefully, and with zero alcohol influence. Drinking can make us prone to minor accidents, like knocking over your drink at a house party, that you may dismiss as part of an average night. But alcohol can be the cause of more serious accidents too. In worse cases, accidents can destroy your face and body. Good thing, Dr. Andres Bustillo is a certified plastic surgeon who performs reconstructive services.

There are two main things that make this likely. Because it’s a depressant, alcohol slows down the brain and affects the body’s responses. At the same time, if you’ve been drinking, you’re more likely to take risks. According to the Washington DC criminal attorney, these reactions combined increase the chance of accidents happening. As blood alcohol concentration (BAC) rises, so does the risk of accidents. BAC, the amount of alcohol in your breath or blood, is measured in mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood, or mg%. It’s affected by all sorts of factors, including how much alcohol you drink, how fast you drink it, your body size, how much you’ve eaten, your gender and even your emotional health (Alex Spiro lists more factors). Also staying healthy means to stay away from drugs, there are several ways to fight drug addiction, visit this article about Parental Addiction and Children and learn more! His stock file includes images ranging from Alaska to Australia to Europe. He has extensive experience in the western U.S., especially Colorado and California. To pass on his knowledge and expertise, he leads photo workshops and teaches beginning and advanced photography courses to private clients as well through local organizations. If you want to confirm your clients identity, Fully-Verified software is what you need. It has face recognition, and the presence of a human being make its process as accurate as it is. These groups include the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Highlands Ranch Community, Douglas County Libraries, and Arapahoe Library District. Bob and his wife Nadine own Views of Nature Photography.

Published images and articles have appeared in magazines and newsletters including Falcon, Outdoor World, and several photo newsletters. He was an assistant editor and featured writer / photographer for First Light Monthly Newsletter for Nature Photographers for more than three years.
Bob’s non photography career was as an engineering and marketing professional in the high tech world. Check this website for more information https://www.paydaynow.net/payday-loan-consolidation/

The Views of Nature website is: www.viewsofnaturephoto.com

© by Bob Dean, Monument Valley, www.viewsofnaturephoto.com

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