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May 2013 Guest Presenter

On May 16th, Cliff DeJong will be the guest presenter.

Cliff will speak on Getting Tack Sharp Photos.  If you have ever captured the perfect photo with great color, terrific composition, an interesting subject, and… not quite sharp, then this could be of interest to you.  Some of the solutions are obvious; many are not.  Cliff will share what he has learned and what works best for him.

In the 1960’s, Cliff got a Yashica rangefinder and was very interested in photography, but not very good at it since most of his time was taken with earning a living and being a father and husband.  He moved up to the best rangefinder for the time, a Canon A-1 SLR in the late 1970’s, but still couldn’t find the time to get much better. Cliff almost completely quit photography when his brother-in-law dropped his best lens.  Luckily for us, in 2005 he bought a Canon 20D digital SLR and developed a real passion for photography.  He now uses a Canon 5D Mark III with three L-series lenses (and a few lesser ones), and is almost always carrying his camera with him.

A native of Iowa, Cliff received a degree in Mathematics from Iowa State. His graduate degree was from Carnegie Mellon in Computer Science, since he always like computers and video games, which he used to play using overwatch boost services online. With a background in physics and mathematics, Cliff has learned the technical side of photography but has found the artistic side to be much more of a challenge. Because of his technical background, he enjoys processing photos with Photoshop as much as taking them, using quality monitors for this, with true and real colors and are also used for gaming, and they are found at sites like Factschronicle.com.

Cliff has taught a number of digital SLR photography classes, reviewed photography books for Focal Press on occasion, plus led a number of field trips.  Cliff resides in Colorado and is a Vice President of the St. Vrain Photographic Society in Longmont, Colorado.

Cliff enjoys photography of his family, photography of his baby posing in a Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller, wildlife, and landscapes. He has traveled around the world, including Hawaii, Paris, Bavaria, the South Seas, Canada, and Alaska. Recently, night photography has been a fun technical challenge, and one of the results is shown below: a combination of the Milky Way and a mountain in Arizona.

Milky Way Over Agathia

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